Sisterlocks™ Pre & Post Care

Before Your Reservation

  • Prep Your Hair

    Ensure your hair is clean (shampoo within 24hrs)

  • Avoid Heat Styling

    DO NOT blow dry or straighten your hair in anyway

  • Avoid Products

    DO NOT add any conditioners, oils, or moisturizers

After Your Reservation

  • Shampooing Instructions

    Follow the shampooing instructions. Be sure to bundle sections of your hair together and loosely but securely braid or twist. Take the ends and secure with a rubber band prior to shampooing. Rinsing is very important.

  • Prevent Joining

    Separate your locks from the root after you shampoo. This is important to keep locks from joining together. Dry hair thoroughly before going to bed to prevent mildew and odor from forming in your Sisterlocks™ and from being saturated for an extended length of time.

  • Avoid Oil-Based Products

    Avoid oil based products. For the first six months, you are in the “settling in” phase. Softening agents, moisturizers, and conditioners can cause your hair to resist the locking process and cause build up, especially if they’re not water-soluble.

  • Regular Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is very important. Retightening typically lasts between four and six hours.

  • Pre-Retightening Shampoo

    Arrive to your retightening appointment with your hair clean. Shampoo the day of or the day before your retightening.

By diligently following each step, you'll achieve the best results for your Sisterlocks™